We believe that data is available and can be found in every single detail of our daily life, We can record our steps in streets and come out with data, we can find it newspapers we read, we can find governmental data on online platforms.

Reaching data is easier than before but people who can read and interpret it in its raw format is rare.

We get insights from data and these insights lead us to take the right decisions, so we decided to organize Data4women hackathon which aims to attract youth from different specialists to work together in different teams on data related to women issues to get insights, predictions and stories that help decision makers support women rights.

During the hackathon days, technical sessions will be held to explain some techniques as data analysis and visualization.

Throughout each day, teams will work on their projects most of the time to finish their data driven projects, that may be a story or animated video or mobile application with the help of mentors that will be with the teams throughout the day to counsel and support them.

Wow moment at Data4women hackathon 2017 – Photo credit goes to InfoTimes

2019 Hackathon Tracks:

Each team will work in a different track of the following tracks: Women in sports – Women in career – Women in social life – Women in arts, to work on projects that address their track focusing on the gender gap, gender inequality or even different ideas.

Last hackathon we worked on:

One of the participants while searching for data
  1. Harassment at places like home and work, the places women should find safe at but she finds harassment instead, they worked on it depending on harassmap team data sets.
  2. Women in parliament, and number of women there and the leading positions they have in different committees.
  3. Health topics women are interested in and usually ask about, through questions they ask on Fatakat platform.
  4. Gender equality in workplaces, we tackled this through the number of startup companies lead by women/men in Egypt in different governorates.


Who Can Apply?

If you’re a researcher, journalist, graphic designer or data scientist, you’re welcomed to attend this hackathon for 3 days from March 26 to March 28 and to have this experience of learning new skills from working with a different team from different backgrounds.

Required Skills For Each:

  • Developers/Data Scientists: A developer or data scientist with knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript and Python/R can apply.
  • Data Journalists: Passionate journalist specialised in data, with good knowledge of Tableau and Excel.
  • Information designers: Designers must acquire the essential skills to design infographics with experience in data visualization, and knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator.

Applying Terms:

Areej Zaki while sharing knowledge with participants.

You should know that by applying to the hackathon, you implicitly agree that you will:

  • Attend all sessions.
  • Bring your laptop during the sessions.
  • Not need any translation to any of the sessions that are to be held in English.
  • Work with your colleagues during the sessions and produce a data-driven story by the end of the hackathon.

Fill this form to apply to the hackathon: https://bit.ly/2DPe9db


The production manager at InfoTimes, I like what I do as I work in all production stages with my team from different specialties and skills.

Thank You

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