As of 2019, Egypt’s population reached 99 million according to official statistics by CAPMAS. Throughout history, the number of males has always been equal to the number of females.This GIF showcases the growth of Egypt’s population since 1920 all the way to 2100.


In 1920, Egypt was home to around 21 million people. The biggest percentage of the population belonged to the age group of 0-4 years, at 17.5%.

Today’s Egypt, where almost 60% percent of the population is of the age of 29 or below, is reaching the peak of the “youth bulge”, the largest cohort of young people in its history.

By 2100, the number of Egyptian will more than double, surpassing 200 million. The GIF shows that the chart will change from a pyramid shape to more of a block. While females and males remain equal in numbers,almost all age groups,from 0 to 64,will constitute equal percentages of the population.

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