The hottest month in Egypt’s history was August 2015, when the weather recorded over 32 degrees Celsius, according to the World Bank.

The second hottest month was August 2010, at 31.78 degrees. Egypt’s coldest month came in 1925, when January was at 10.65 degrees.  In January 2010, the country’s temperature was recorded at 16.29 degrees.

The chart shows how Egypt’s weather in general has gotten hotter over the period of 115 years, and how winters have increased from an average of 12 degrees up to around 16 degrees.

The change reflects a global trend of warming weather, which began at the time of the industrial revolution.  The global average surface temperature has increased by more than 0.9 degrees.

Global warming is a major aspect of climate change, and its effects include melting of ice, sea level rise, and more frequent extreme weather.


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