After 40 matches, which took 3448 minutes, the first hundred goals were scored in world cup “Russia 2018.” Although such world cup was not the highest scoring championship, it was exciting and competitive; goals were scored at all matches except one.

A Russian player, Yori Gaziniski, scored the first goal for Russian National Team against his Saudi counterpart at the 12th minute. Such a match ended with 5 goals for the land’s owner team “Russian National Team.” On the other hand, Argentinian player, Missi, completed the first hundred goals by scoring the Argentinian advancing goal against Nigeria in the third round of the 4th group at the world cup.

Most of the goals were scored at the second half with 57 goals against 43 goals were scored at the first half, whereas the top scoring time was the last quarter an hour of the match with 27 goals out of the first 100 ones scored at the world cup.

The first hundred goals included 6 opposite goals were scored by some players in their goals; such players in order are Moroccan Aziz Bu Hedouz against Iran, Australian Aziz British against France, Nigerian Etibo Ojinicaro against Croatia, Polish Tyago Qunic against Singhal, Egyptian Ahmed Fathy against Russia and Russian Denis Cherichief against Uruguay.

Among the first 94 goals, 48 were scored by right foot and 31 were scored by the left one in addition to 15 were scored by head.

Concerning shooting area, 14 goals only were scored from a point outside the penalty area and 80 goals were scored from a point inside or at limits of the 18-yard box.

Concerning scoring technique, 64 goals were scored on move and 36 by stationary kicks: 15 goals by penalty kicks, 11 goals by stationary kicks and 10 goals by corner kicks.

British League, which has two divisions: premier league and championship, scored the greatest number of the first hundred goals, where its players scored 31 goals. Spanish league was the second, where its players scored 27 goals. German league was the third, where its players scored 8 goals.


A sports journalist and social media specialist. He also works for Al-Masry Al-Youm.

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