Welcome, my name is Marwa; I’m in charge of development at InfoTimes. I present this notation to help you pitch your ideas and suggestions, and ride along in producing data-supported journalist stories.

We are pleased to receive your ideas, guide you through all production phases of the story, starting from wording the idea, collecting, processing and putting together the visual display of data up until publishing on our website. This offer is extended to include Egyptian journalists, our colleagues, and others from different countries.

We neither pursue immediate events nor do we chase widespread news, but we pick out our value-adding subjects as a matter of recreation and education for our readers. This means  we invest in deep reporting and disregard noise of daily news cycle to produce data-supported journalistic stories. We cover a wide range of fields such as economy, sociology, education, arts, health and sports. We especially like reports concerned with the changes in prices and services, biographies of public figures, prominent sporting events and society gender gap.

Before writing your proposal, we advise you to read our previously produced journalistic stories, hoping they would be the source of your inspiration, or to show you our methods and the sources of data we rely on. We also advise you to read such notation about the most prominent stories produced in 2018, scenes of production of each story, used tools, difficulties we faced and how we overcame.

We receive your proposals through a form prepared for that purpose on our website. You should fill it and introduce yourself, and it is preferred that your proposal includes the basic elements – according to the below mentioned order- not to exceed 500 words.

Here are some tips about the way of submitting your proposal and its order:

It takes two weeks at most to go through the proposal. To ensure that your idea reaches us properly, submit it through the form. If your idea is declined, it is because it might be outside team’s interests, needs more explanation, or needs more data sources. In all cases the team will reply, and give you advice. Don’t give up, work on your story idea, and send your pitch again.



The production manager at InfoTimes, I like what I do as I work in all production stages with my team from different specialties and skills.

Thank You

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