Data Visualization Specialist


Your role will be funny , as a geek you’ll create data driven designs as infographics, interactive designs, and animated videos.

You’ll be responsible for turning abstract information from data analyses into appealing and attractive visualizations.

They are creative thinkers who understand user interface design and apply visualizations skills such as user experience design, data visualization, and graphical design. Individuals in this role understand how information is turned into knowledge and how this knowledge supports and enables key business processes.

These projects will be made for our clients and for InfoTimes website and stories. You’ll choose the suitable design to the content you’re given.


● The designer will be responsible for creating static infographics, interactive visuals and animated videos.
● The designer will be responsible for all designs in social media campaigns.
● The designer will deal with UX and UI.
● Create compelling, clear and powerful visualizations, charts, maps and graphs that tell a clear story, highlighting insights which we hadn’t seen before.
● The designer will convert raw data to attractive visuals.
● The designer will be responsible for designing presentations and layouts for InfoTimes and our clients.
● The designer will train his team on creating visuals and he’ll be responsible for training clients to InfoTimes.
● He’ll make researches on new trends in visualization.





Cairo, Egypt


Full Time



Salary will be competitive and based on experience.


● At least 2 years experience in Designing.
● Applicants must be excellent in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and any data visualization software (preferably Tableau Desktop).
● Applicants must be proficient in Adobe After Effects and the basics of animation.
● Have the ability to work in a team of different specialties.
● Ability to spot data important to our audience and translate it into a compelling, clear visual package
● Strong organizational skills
● Self-motivated with a positive and professional approach

Applications should include portfolio links, a resume, and cover letter.

Thank You

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