InfoTimes compiled a database of murder and attempted murder between husbands and their wives cases that were reported by Youm7, starting from 21 January 204 till 21 November 2017.

The result number of cases was 222 cases in total. Unsurprisingly, wives were victims in 147 of them. In the rest of them, 75 cases, husbands were victims. That means that about three wives were murdered or about to be murdered every month, compared to the average of 1.6 victim husbands.

Explore number of cases per quarter below. Solid vertical grey lines represent the average number of victims per year.‏

‏Priority of reasons behind murder and attempted murder noticeably varied. While personal conflict was highly-causing of serious problems on the both sides, cheating was even more likely to encourage wives killing their husbands than the other way around.

Meanwhile, the second reason for husbands killing their wives was mere distrust, meaning suspicion, of cheating usually, without hard evidence. In addition, there were four cases in which the reason was related to husband sexual unfulfilled demands and desires.
Hover over the visualization below to know the exact numbers.

Ways of committing crime didn’t vary much on both sides. The first three ways were stabbing, torture, choking and shooting. Criminal wives had the chance to poison their victim husbands four more times than the other way around. Meanwhile, one case of a husband throwing his wife from the fourth floor, out of distrust, was recorded, but no wives reportedly threw their husbands.

While the ages of criminal husbands and wives were clustered around the age of 35, age range of criminal husbands was a little bit wider than that of criminal wives. Further, seven reported cases included criminal husbands after the age of 50. No cases of criminal wives after this age were reported.

You can explore case by case in the interactive dashboard below. You can also filter cases to show only cases of interest.


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