New VizCards for Visualization Learners

InfoTimes has launched its new card game, VizCards, to help new data journalists and information designers learn about different data visualization types and their right usage.

[epq-quote align=”align-left”]We used VizCards in a number of our recent training, like data visualization workshop in Beirut, Visualize 2030. Amr Eleraqi, co-founder and executive director of InfoTimes said.[/epq-quote]

The card game consists of 60 cards, divided into six categories of data visualization charts. Each card represents one type of charts, illustrating its figure along with a description for it that explains why to use it and with what kind of data.

The game is played in a group of six. Each player holds ten cards that must contain at least one card from every category. Players should keep exchanging cards for collecting a complete category of cards, with every two players explaining the two exchanged charts in each step. The winner is the one who collects a complete category of cards first.

“We got the feedback from the trainees that VizCards was fun and helped them learn a lot about dozens of data visualization charting types in a very short time and comprehensive way.”

Junior Digital Journalist, with special focus on data-driven storytelling

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