We are pleased to announce the soft launch of InfoTimes’ Arabic website, which aims to make the services we offer and our award-winning journalism more accessible to the world’s 420 million Arabic speakers.

While not all of our content available in Arabic yet, we plan to include translations of our #NakedFacts #حقائق_عارية and data-driven stories soon, alongside our original Arabic reports.

Here’s a quick look at some corners of the website.

Our wide range of services are available in Arabic now:

We ❤️ collaborations. You do not need to be part of the company to work with us. Here is how to send a pitch to us.

At the very bottom of our homepage, click on pitch to us اكتب معنا.


After going through our values, terms, and conditions, fill out the form with your contact details and the story idea.

You can also find our training and workshops on the Arabic website:

Happy browsing!






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