With our expertise in research, statistics and algorithms, we have the ability to Analyze and Transform Huge, Complex and Non-scheduled Data into Attractive, Simple Visuals

Visual Storytelling

Static Infographics

Readers may not have enough time to read every detail in a story. We create infographics that convey every important detail, within the shortest time possible, and in a manner that attracts the reader to want to know more. We provide different types: nuggets infographics , long infographics, and wide infographics.
Static Infographics Projects

Motion Graphic

We make visual content move, and get the unique and attractive visuals to dance. So, if you are spreading your message digitally, we can go the extra mile and make them rocking interactive. We create 2D videos, GIFs, and 360-degree videos.
Motion Projects

Interactive Visualization

When it comes to analyzing and visualizing huge amounts of data, we get how accurate and understandable the data needs to be for your audience. Which is why interactive visualizations are one of the most important services we provide.
Interactive Infographics Projects


We have got a team of very talented designers, armed with the most up-to-date skills to make your reports, studies and books attractively informative and very expressive.
Layout Projects

Let's Do Something Together

If you like what we do, got enthusiastic to get in touch with what we provide, have big data sets to analyze; contact us.. we’ll take it from there.

Data Processing

Collecting Data

Collecting data is all about the availability of data, and we love to go hunting for it. We conduct researches and surveys, and we extract relevant data from different sources to help you deliver your message. We help you scrape and parse data, conceptualize your database and shape your methodology.
Collecting Data

Data Mining

We create stories out of data. Through our expertise in research, statistics and algorithms, we help you understand your data and tell your story the best way possible. We have the capability to transform huge records of raw data into stories that matter for the decision-making process.
Data Mining

Data-Driven Storytelling

We believe in the power of media and in the influence visuals can have if accompanying a news story. That’s why one of the most important services we provide media outlets with is to furnish their data-driven stories with the visuals necessary to make their stories compelling and unforgettable.
Data-Driven Storytelling


InfoTimes provides 14 workshop in journalism, visualization and coding. They can be customized according to different needs. In addition to handbooks we provide our trainees with, we also offer hand-on-hand trainings so that they are able to do their own work and build upon the basics they have learned.

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