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Get to know InfoTimes squad behind the great work 
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We’re lead by a trusted team of industry veterans as we work towards 
our vision of enabling companies to make the most of their data.
He is the master mind of the team. With 12 years of experience in the media industry, he is a pioneer in data journalism and data storytelling in the region.
Amr Eleraqi
Executive Director
He has his own perspective in seeing things, he can come up with a story out of few understandable numbers, and he has magic in the way he tells you the story.
Islam Salahuddin
Data Journalist
Out of complex and unstructured data sets, she can get all the meaningful insights. She is the think tank in one person.
Menna Mustafa
Data Analyst
He is very used to chasing a story till he catches the point. Privileged with deep breath, he fetches the pearls out of any source.
Abdelrahman Eyad
Data Journalist
She is the heart of our wide and spread network of friend clients. With all the passion, she opens doors for our team to prosper.
Marwa Mohsen
Business Developer
Filled with enthusiasm, she always proves that she is a hard worker that can be depended on. Nawafel has already learned and practiced a lot of data skills in a short period of time.
Nawafel Shehabi
Mohamed Sayed
Junior Graphic Designer
Tamer Fathy
Graphic Designer
Mohamed Byaly
Former Information Designer
Mohamed Nasr
Former Data Analyst