The United Nations (UN) announced November 25 as the International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women worldwide.

The most common forms of violence against women universally is sexual violence and domestic violence. Sexual violence can be in the form of verbal or physical harassment, sexual assault or rape. Whereas domestic violence is violence against women by their family or partners.

One third of women and girls across the world experience sexual or physical violence in their lifetime.

According to the World Health organization, at least 37 percent of women who have been married in the region have experienced physical or sexual violence by their partner in 2017.

Sexual violence in the Arab World continues to prevail in the region.

According to a survey conducted by the Arab Barometer in 2018/2019, at least 60 percent of women in Egypt have experienced a form of verbal harassment, while 42 percent experienced a form of physical harassment.

Similarly, more than half of the women in Morocco experience verbal harassment. Over a third of women in Sudan and Morocco are physically harassed.

The survey indicated that women in Tunisia, on the other hand, experience the least amount of sexual harassment – verbal (12 percent) and physical (6 percent).

Women have also been victims of domestic violence by family members and/or partners. Almost 30 percent and 26 percent of women in Morocco and Yemen have been subjected to domestic abuse. In the same fashion, nearly a quarter of women in Algeria, Egypt, and Sudan experience domestic violence.



Prior to joining Infotimes, Nour has worked as a multimedia reporter and video producer for several media platforms including Egypt Today, Business Forward and Egyptian Streets. She graduated from the American University in Cairo (AUC) in 2017 with a degree in Integrated Marketing Communications and a minor in Business Administration.

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