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We are passionate about Sharing knowledge and experience, especially when it comes to Data Journalism; join us, turn numbers into stories.

From time to time, InfoTimes offers public courses in data Journalism and digital storytelling. These courses are held in Cairo and range from introductory courses for beginners to advanced D3 coding masterclasses for developers.

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Data Journalism Fundamentals

We offer the best workshop opportunity that will introduce you to the essential tools and skills of data-driven journalism. This starts from scraping using Google Sheets, advancing into data cleaning and analysis using MS Excel and OpenRefine,and propagating into data visualization using Datawrapper and Atlas. As a result, you’ll be able to produce the professional data-driven pieces you’re dreaming of.

Advanced Steps into Data Journalism

This workshop will position you at the forefront of the journalism profession through advanced data journalism skills. Such skills will enable you to deal with almost any regular data-driven project you may face in your newsroom; covering scraping datasets from multiple webpages, XML scraping and dealing with PDF files, in addition to advanced MS Excel analysis skills. You’ll also be able to use Tableau Desktop Public and Adobe Illustrator for visualization.

Specialized Data Scraping Tools for Journalists

Found datasets but not sure how to grasp them? Now you’ll be able to catch datasets more easily with this specialized workshop on different tools for scraping data from HTML, XML, RSS and tabular and non-tabular PDFs.

Data Cleaning and Analysis with MS Excel

Lay the base ground for data cleaning and analysis using MS Excel. By the end of this workshop, you’ll be able to split columns, sort, filter, create pivot tables and add subtotals. Basic and intermediate formulas and functions for data cleaning and analysis will also be covered. The workshop will also include using Excel charts for exploratory and explanatory data visualization.

Introduction to Data Visualization for Journalists

In this workshop you’ll have hands-on training on quick and efficient data visualization tools that include Flourish, Datawrapper, Atlas and Fusion Tables. You’ll also have a solid background on the fundamentals of data visualization and the proper chart type for your data.

Creating infographics with Illustrator

Using Infographics is a great way of visually summarizing and telling the story behind your data. Adobe Illustrator is a great tool to create infographics, with multiple options for charting and graphing. In this workshop, you’ll go through the different steps of creating an infographic; starting from importing data into Illustrator, until exporting your final project ready for publishing.

A Journalist’s Kit to Excel Tableau Public

Tableau Desktop Public is a great free software that bridges the gap between exploratory and explanatory visualization. In Tableau, you can analyze your data visually, and present it to your audience interactively, with high degree of customization. By the end of this workshop, you’ll have learned how to analyze your data visually and how to produce interactive dashboards and stories; embedding them into your HTML page.

Essential Mapping Tools for Journalists

This workshop will give you a solid background of two of the most essential tools used to create maps on the go to suite your journalistic piece or blog; Google Fusion Tables and maps in Tableau Public. You’ll also be introduced to geographic and geospatial data and how to deal with them.

Advanced Static and Animated Mapping for Journalists

This workshop aims to strengthen your visualization advanced static and interactive mapping skills using QGIS software and CARTO online tools. By the end of this workshop, you will be way ahead of your counterparts regarding dealing with geospatial data and using it for storytelling.

Google Tools for Journalists

Google is a great resource for fetching mounts of data and information, in addition to some great tools to tell your story. This workshop will cover Google features that help journalists find data; using Data Explorer and Google Trends, along all the way to visualize the data using Google Data Studio and Gif Maker.

Python for Advanced Data Cleaning

If you work with data regularly, you already know how much data cleaning absorbs of your work time. So, we give you the ultimate opportunity to master Python’s Pandas for data cleaning; one of the quickest, most efficient and enjoyable data cleaning tools.

Advanced Data Visualization with D3.js

Exceed the limits of data visualization and master interactive data presentation with Javascript data-driven documents library D3.js.

How to Find Stories in Data Using R

This workshop will introduce you to the statistical computing and graphics language: R; aiming at enhancing  your data analysis and reporting process. You’ll be able to deal with the messy and unstructured types of data that you may encounter in your advanced data-driven journalistic investigations. You’ll know how to wrangle data efficiently and effectively, in addition to creating visualizations that will communicate what you’ve discovered in your data with charts and maps.

Introduction to Coding for Journalists

ournalists all around the world are no longer work apart from coding. The perfect journalist for the new digital age is the one who has robust coding skills as well as advanced storytelling techniques. This workshop will make this easier for you, giving you an introduction to the world of coding, from which you’ll be able to start acquiring ultimate advanced coding tools that will help you find and tell stories out of mounts of messy datasets.

Recommended Courses

Data Journalism Fundamentals

Introduces the essential tools and skills of data journalism; initiated by scraping, data cleaning, data analysis and data visualization until your data-driven piece is crafted.

Creating Infographics with Illustrator

Exploring different steps of creating an infographic chart; starting with importing data into Illustrator, until exporting your final project for publishing.

Excel Tableau Public

Throughout this workshop; you’ll learn how to analyze your data visually, how to develop this into producing interactive dashboards and stories and how to embed them into your HTML page.

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