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We investigate data to tell visual stories and create data products

InfoTimes is an independent company combining expertise in data science, information design and storytelling. We explore and analyze raw data in order to uncover hidden messages and tell meaningful stories through catchy and interactive visuals. We offer a wide range of flexible visual products and services for media outlets and businesses to help them use data in achieving their goals. We Talk Data. So, don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you need help with:
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Collecting Data
We conduct research and surveys and we extract relevant data from different sources to help you deliver your message. We believe that data is a valuable resource that can be found anywhere. We help you scrape and parse data, conceptualize your database and shape your methodology.
Mining Data
We create stories out of data. Through our expertise in research, statistics and algorithms, we help you understand your data and tell your story the best way possible. We have the capability to deal huge records of RAW data to produce stories that matter for the decision-making process.
Visual Storytelling
All of us are storytellers, but we believe that visuals make stories unforgettable. We tell various stories suitable for academia, media, and businesses. We help you communicate with your audience through animated and interactive visuals. Data storytelling has never been easier. 
Recent Stories
We’re a business for the new economy; centered in sustainability, thriving on 
collaboration, and backed by powerhouse creativity. 

Bots Are Dominating Political Debate in Egypt

August 14, 2018

Over the last two months, a number of political hashtags have entered Twitter’s top trending list in Egypt which have reflected the conflict bet...


Are Egypt’s Rising Debts A sign of Crisis or a Step of Growth?

July 30, 2018

CAIRO- Yields on Egyptian debt have reached highs this year due to the increase of interest, which increased by about 180% during the period from 2014...


Maps of presidential elections abstention and invalid ballots

May 2, 2018

This piece explores the whole picture of Elections 2018, comparing it with the previous rounds on the governorates geographical level. We analyzed the...

Who we work with 
Over many years of providing services to many news outlets, NGOs, individuals and teams, we’ve managed to build trust and widen our range of services to reach the pioneers in the field, as we’ve been more than fortunate to be part of many great projects and even greater people. Are you ready to working with us?
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Customers Reviews
What our clients said 
about us?

  • Infotimes staff are strong trainers who are sharing their techniques with other journalists in Egypt and around the region. Infotimes delivered a training for a group of Internews' journalists that caused them to rethink how they communicate with the public.
    Julia Pitner
  • One of the great things about InfoTimes is that when we think of a new way to visualize data outlets, the support and sdevelopment teams are there to help however they can.
    Eman-El-Rashidy, Program and Research Advisor at IDRC / CRDI
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InfoTimes Offers Financial Support to Arab Data Journalists

InfoTimes is intended to support data journalism in the Arab world by offering fund to produce data driven stories. Funding including financial and technical needs.

Arabic Data Journalism Handbook is Available

The book is the first of its kind in Arabic and includes three main chapters; the first one is an introduction to data journalism, which reviews Eleraqi set of fundamentals needed to work on the press statements, required skills of journalist, team work components, the basics of building a good story of numbers in addition to a number of global examples.